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I've gone off those Sicillian bath ballistics. Once upon a time I used to love em but nowadays they smell like wee. No seriously they do. There is definatly a hint of pissy aroma around them. Which is a shame.

I bought 2 of the "love poem" ballistics last time I was in there. They smell fucking lurrrrverrrly. I've decided I need some of the Ginger perfume as well as everytime I've been in lush lately I've ended up squirting it on my hands and then end up walking around Newcastle with my hands stuck to my nose. mmmmmmmmm.

I want the Newcastle store to have another "Never Be..." party. I want some of that Fluffy that Nicola wears. It's rather nice too! :D

I'm not gonna buy any more lush stuff however until I've used up what I already have however. I've got shit loads of bubble bath, shower gels, shampoo, soap and conditioner now, as well as a load of perfume so... bah

I still have that 10% vouvher as well. Does anyone know if you can use it on the "Never B" stuff???

Also I wish they would bring back the Karma Piyamid bath melts too. I used to love them.
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