Today's the Day that I become the Sky... (rockhag) wrote in geordielushfans,
Today's the Day that I become the Sky...

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I finally got round to buying some of the Ginnger perfume today! :D Glad I did as apparnetly the lovely pink haired girl (is her name Caroline?? I think it is) said that apparently it was getting discontinued soon! :( BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So I guess I'll have to make this bottle last. :|

I also stocked up on 2 of my fave bath ballistics (Big Blue). I'm sure these cure hangovers you know. All that seaweed and salt. I also bought 2 of the bubble bar slices that smell of marzipan (snow cake or something?) and got a free bath ballistic as well (the one with the letters in it).

Next time I go I need some Ocean Scrub and some Tea Tree water. I forgot to get some today doh!

Didn't ask about any future B Never party either! :P

I'm officially shite! :P
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